TD Community Sunday (Virtual): From Scrapbook to Screen with Saroja Ponnambalam

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No Longer Available


How can a scrapbook be translated to the screen in a compelling way? Scrapbooks hold a wealth of potential in their ability to tell strong stories, though can sometimes be under-appreciated as an art form. Join artist Saroja Ponnambalam for a virtual workshop where participants draw from their own scrapbooks, diaries, and archives to build a video-based artwork.  
Scrapbooks of all forms contain various archives - photographs, collages, scribbles, poetry, letters, texts, emails, drawings, magazine cut-outs, home videos, cellphone footage, super 8mm films, toys and other objects. There is a lot to uncover through our personal and family scrapbooks and archives, especially clues that reveal pieces of our intergenerational histories, traumas and legacies.

“HOW WE CARED” still, Saroja Ponnambalam and Rupali Morzaria